Acoustic Clouds and Baffles

Acoustic ceiling clouds are a modern acoustic treatment designed to be suspended horizontally from a ceiling system, offering an increased surface area for sound absorption.


As a standalone free-hanging unit with a large surface area, ceiling clouds offer targeted sound absorption in areas that may be acoustically problematic. Clouds come in standard shapes or can be made custom, and are available across our full range of Sontext colours.


Creating Modern Design

New to the range of Sontext’s acoustic range are Acoustic Clouds. In many spaces it may not be practical to place traditional fabric or acoustic wood panels due to the shape or design of the room. A new solution launched by Sontext are Acoustic clouds or acoustic baffle. If you are looking to create a unique visual, then our Sonofonic Acoustic Clouds are for you.

  • Acoustic Clouds Ceiling panels

Acoustic clouds that are suspended from the ceiling or roof gives the designer absolute freedom in design while not interfering with other services that are in the ceiling space. Sonofonic Acoustic Panels can be suspended vertically or horizontally which makes them perfect for an acoustic treatment that is going to an existing building.

Sonofonic Acoustic Clouds can be fabricated to a large variety of regular, asymmetrical, and even three-dimensional shapes. They may be mounted vertically or horizontally.

High Performance

Acoustic Clouds are manufactured from our well known Sonofonic acoustic panels. Sonofonic acoustic panels are designed to minimise reverberation or reflected sound and create a more comfortable listening and speaking environment.

Shapes and Sizes Available

A variety of shapes and sizes to choose from below, for custom sizes/shapes they can be manufactured upon request.


Size: 1170x1170


Width: 1170





Acoustic Clouds and Baffles Brochure

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