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remove noise in classrooms with Serenity Acoustic Panels

Remove noise in classrooms is very important in today’s education system. Designing the perfect classroom is essential for creating the ideal learning environment, and one often underestimated factor is noise. Excessive classroom noise can disrupt concentration, hinder communication, and impede effective teaching and learning. Thankfully, there’s a versatile and practical solution at hand: fabric acoustic panels. In this blog post, we will explain how fabric acoustic panels can remove classroom noise and transform them into peaceful spaces conducive to focused learning.

The Impact of Classroom Noise

Before delving into the benefits of fabric acoustic panels, it’s essential to understand the impact of classroom noise on students and educators alike:

  1. Reduced Concentration: High noise levels make it difficult for students to concentrate on their studies, leading to decreased learning outcomes.
  2. Communication Challenges: Teachers may need help to communicate and be understood, resulting in misunderstandings and disruptions during lessons.
  3. Stress and Fatigue: Persistent noise can lead to stress and fatigue, both for students and teachers, negatively affecting mental well-being.
  1. Lower Academic Performance: Numerous studies have linked excessive noise in the classroom to lower academic performance, making it a critical issue to address.


How Fabric Acoustic Panels Work

Fabric acoustic panels help to absorb sound waves, reducing noise and minimizing its negative impact on the learning environment. These panels consist of a wooden frame wrapped in fabric that is a sound-absorbing surface. When sound waves hit the fabric acoustic panel, they are absorbed rather than reflected, reducing noise levels.

Advantages of Using Fabric Acoustic Panels

  1. Noise Reduction:    Serenity  Fabric acoustic panels are highly effective at reducing noise levels in classrooms. They absorb and diffuse sound, creating a quieter and more focused learning environment.
  2. Improved Learning Experience: When noise is reduced, students can concentrate better, improving learning outcomes. Teachers can also communicate more effectively, enhancing the overall educational experience.
  3. Customization Options: Fabric acoustic panels come in various colours, sizes, and designs, allowing schools to choose panels that complement their existing decor or create a visually appealing learning environment.
  1. Easy Installation: Installing fabric acoustic panels is a straightforward process. They can be mounted on walls or ceilings, making them a versatile and flexible solution for classrooms of all sizes and layouts. Using the mounting system provided by Sontext, the process is quick and straightforward.
  1. Long-lasting Durability:  Panels like these are designed to withstand the rigours of classroom life. L32 is an impact-resistant membrane included in Sontext Serenity Panels. Their durability and ease of maintenance make them a good choice.
  1. Eco-Friendly:  Many fabric acoustic panels are made from environmentally friendly materials, contributing to a sustainable and responsible choice for schools.

How to integrate Fabric Acoustic Panels into your  Classrooms

  1. Assess the Noise Levels:

Start by evaluating the noise levels in your classroom to determine the areas where noise is most problematic. This assessment will help you identify the ideal placement for acoustic panels. Sontext recommends seeking the proper guidance from an acoustic specialist to offer the best and most effective solution.

  1. Choose the Right Panels:

Select fabric acoustic panels that suit your classroom’s aesthetic and hearing needs. Consider panel size, colour, and design options. Sontext can help with the colour selection and the proper thickness of the acoustic panel to suit your situation.

  1. Installation:

Seek professional assistance or follow manufacturer guidelines to install the panels securely on walls or ceilings. Proper installation ensures optimal noise reduction.

  1. Monitor and Adjust:

Regularly assess the effectiveness of the panels and make adjustments as needed. Consider additional panels if noise remains an issue.


Creating an exciting and quiet learning environment is essential for student success and teacher satisfaction. Serenity Fabric acoustic panels  by Sontext offer a solution that not only looks good but they sound great and assist in removing noise in classrooms. By investing in these panels, schools can transform noisy classrooms into peaceful spaces where students can concentrate, communicate effectively, and excel academically. It’s a sound investment in education that benefits everyone involved.

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