Wood PanelsWood paneling has been in use for interior wall linings since medieval times. The classic appearance of natural timber is still one of the preferred methods of beautifying any interior space to this day. With the advent of modern micro-perforating techniques, Wood Ceiling and Wall Panels have actually become an essential interior design option. Not are perforated Wood Ceiling Panels used to beautify modern interiors, but with acoustic insulation installed behind the panels they can actively assist in controlling unwanted sound (reverberation).

Australian company Sontext manufacture and supply Murano brand acoustic Wood or Timber Ceiling and Wall Panels around the world. The wide range of decorative natural wood and veneer finishes of these panels creates a great environment for commercial spaces such as boardrooms, court rooms, - in fact any public open space that is subject to unwanted background noise or reverberation. MURANO Wood Panels provide a wide variety of perforation patterns, colours, finishes, and textures. The acoustic and textural creativity of the Murano Acoustic Wood Panels by Sontext is an ideal solution for noise control for any interior space.
The benefits of installing acoustic Wood Ceiling Panels and wall panels include:

• Predictable performance for noise reduction.
• A wide range of finishes and perforation patterns, such as perforations, slots or grooves that can help create a comfortable and quiet interior space.
• Surface finishes include wood veneer, paint or decorative laminate options.
• Each perforation patterns has different sound absorption characteristics, providing the designer with the ability to address the particular sound frequencies expected on a project. (Performance test reports available from Sontext)
• Wood or Timber is a durable, long term material.
• The perforation techniques used are the latest available for enhancing sound absorption and reducing reverberation.

Murano Wood Ceiling Panels or Wall Panels can be installed using conventional battens or suspended ceiling grid systems – even over existing plaster or sound masonry surfaces - thus hiding any existing outdated or defective linings, and also allowing concealed services to run behind the panels.
For more information visit the Sontext Murano website.

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