Sound absorbing acoustic panels, such as SERENITY™ Panels made by Australian- based firm SONTEXT, are commonly specified and installed on walls or ceilings to improve sound quality in occupied interior spaces. However, for many commercial and industrial applications, acoustic baffles may be more useful. The term ‘baffle’ is generally used to describe a flat plate or panel used to slow down or interrupt the flow of materials like water, gas, etc. Acoustic baffles act in a similar way: Sonobaffle Acoustic Baffles are used to catch and absorb sound waves. Rather than being installed flat against walls or ceilings like conventional panels, acoustic baffles are usually hung vertically or suspended below a roof or ceiling. They therefore perform the same function as conventional ceiling panels but have some particular benefits.

Reflected sound, also called reverberation, or simply noise, can have a significant impact on people’s health and behavior. Interior spaces such as theaters, malls, auditoriums, gymnasiums and workshops with excessive noise or poor sound quality may cause difficulties in understanding speech and communicating with others. Noise can also cause stress and tiredness for workers in noisy environments. The “echo”, or reverberation, produced by the reflection of sound waves from hard surfaces necessitates the use of efficient sound absorbing products to reduce these unwanted sound reflections, and reverberation.

Some benefits in installing Acoustic Baffles: -

  1. Highly effective in sound absorption as both sides are exposed to sound waves

Conventional acoustic panels are installed flush with either the ceiling or wall system. On the other hand, acoustic baffles are suspended below ceiling level, providing more efficient sound diffusion and absorption as both sides of the panels act as sound absorbers.

  1. Improve sound quality and ensure comfort for occupants

Acoustic baffles are designed to absorb or diffuse sound at various frequencies thereby reducing reverberation and helping to ensure interiors are comfortable for occupants – either workers or visitors. Sontext recommends that you consult their experts for further information, or an acoustic engineer for more complex sound problems.

  1. Baffles are particularly suitable for industrial and commercial use

In most cases workshops, production facilities, warehouses, etc, are inherently noisy, yet may not have an installed ceiling. The roof and services (air conditioning, fire services, etc) are exposed from below. Many modern open public spaces are also designed without a suspended ceiling in place. With so many hard surfaces, reverberation can be a problem.  Hanging acoustic baffles like SONOBAFFLES provides a solution for such spaces. Baffles require very little hanging space as they can be suspended (by chain or wire for example), from the roof structure in a horizontal or vertical way, regardless of their shape and design. 

  1. Enhance the aesthetics of simple functional spaces

As well as controlling noise and enhancing the sound quality acoustic baffles can be finished to enhance the visual appeal of any space. Robust coloured fabrics are available for use in hostile environments like machine shops, laundries, and even over swimming pools. Baffles can also be supplied with “blackout” finish to minimise their presence.

  1. Available in various sizes, designs and materials

When it comes to selecting acoustic baffles, Sontext provide a plethora of options to select from. SONOBAFFLE acoustic baffles are available in various sizes, designs and finishes. Note that choice of finish will have an effect on the sound absorption performance of the panels. It is therefore recommended that you consult a Sontext expert to assist you in your choices.

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