Acoustic Clouds and Baffles Ceiling Panels

Acoustic Clouds or Baffles Ceiling Panels for Noise Reduction

Sonofonic Acoustic Baffles and Acoustic Clouds

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Acoustic Clouds or Acoustic Baffles Create Modern Design Alternatives

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Acoustic Clouds by Sontext

Reduce noise with Sonofonic acoustic clouds

New to the range of Sontext’s acoustic range are Acoustic Clouds. In many spaces it may not be practical to place traditional fabric or acoustic wood panels due to the shape or design of the room. A new solution launched by Sontext are Acoustic clouds or acoustic baffle. If you are looking to create a unique visual, then our Sonofonic Acoustic Clouds are for you.

Acoustic clouds that are suspended from the ceiling or roof gives the designer absolute freedom in design while not interfering with other services that are in the ceiling space. Sonofonic Acoustic Panels can be suspended vertically or horizontally which makes them perfect for an acoustic treatment that is going to an existing building.

High performance

Acoustic Clouds are manufactured from our well known Sonofonic acoustic panels. Sonofonic acoustic panels are designed to minimise reverberation or reflected sound and create a more comfortable listening and speaking environment.

Sonofonic Acoustic Panels have been installed in Fitness centres like the FIT Rebublik in Dubai where there were high ceilings and many hard surfaces. To reduce the noise acoustic baffles were installed suspended from the ceiling, this was designed by Acoustic Logic UAE .

Acoustic Baffles or clouds are perfect for schools with high roof lines. As were seen in Suzanne Cory High School designed by Brand Architects of Melbourne.


Collection on DesignsAcoustic Cloud Shapes

Sonofonic Acoustic Clouds are available in a wide range of colours from the Pantone colour range. This means that you can make a design feature or let the panel blend in with the environment.

Our acoustic clouds are available in made to order shapes or standard shapes.



Sonofonic Acoustic Clouds can be supplied in made to order shapes or standard shapes.

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Sonofonic acoustic Clouds bespoke shapes

Acoustic baffles and clouds are well suited to offices, call centres, malls, restaurants, airports, classrooms, lecture theaters, auditoriums, atriums, foyers, museums , commercial areas, exhibition zones, leisure centres, transport hubs, retail malls and food Courts designed to either stand out or blend in.

For further information please contact Sontext on +61 3 9432 2733 or  or download our data sheet on Acoustic Clouds CLICK HERE FOR DATA SHEET