Give Your Commercial Property the Best Acoustic Treatment by Installing Quality Sound Absorbing Panels

Each person wants to enjoy living a high quality life in a dream home with comfortable and cosy interiors. Howsoever elegant a building looks like from outside, if it has noise problem then it can be quite uncomfortable for the people living and working over there. Commercial complexes like gyms, cafeterias, restaurants, auditoriums and offices with a lot of hard surfaces may have the problem of reverberation of sound that will add to the discomfort and provide unpleasant experience leading to stress and difficulties in effective communication and understanding.

Sontext provides high quality sound absorbing panels that are designed to absorb sound waves across a wide range of frequencies. Established in Victoria in Australia and specialized in architectural acoustic interiors the company has been supplying and installing its own range of Acoustic Sound Panels, lining materials and services to its clients in Australia. The company also caters to the need of sound absorbing panels of individuals and business groups in USA, The Middle East, UK and Ireland and in other parts of Europe through a well coordinated network of distributors in these countries.

Whether you require acoustic art panels or acoustic baffles ceiling for sports complexes, auditorium or arts centre, gym or restaurants, classrooms or cafeterias you can rely on the trained professionals of Sontext for customised purchase and installation services of tested acoustic panels. These panels absorb unwanted sound and provide the best acoustic treatment to homes and commercial complexes thereby enhancing the serenity of the interiors.

Sontext is a reputed name among world’s leading noise control products suppliers. If you find it difficult to select between acoustic wooden panels or Acoustic Fabric Panels or want guidance from acoustic engineers related to the selection, installation and finishes of acoustic panels then you are most welcome to get in touch with the dedicated professionals of Sontext. So what are you waiting for? Consult our experts by calling on +61 (03) 9432 2733 or +61 (0)2 9844 5414 or click on the link