Rely on Sontext for Getting Premium Quality Sound Absorbing Panels

Besides the elegant interior decor and other facilities, sound quality of a room is also an essential factor that determines the comfort level of the people. Be it home interiors or a classroom with high roof lines, an auditorium or a sports complex, poor sound quality or echo problems may cause a lot of inconveniences to the students, audience or clients. Installing high quality and scientifically tested acoustic panels would reduce reverberation, control noise production and thus improve the sound quality of any property.

Sontext is a prominent name among leading acoustic panels suppliers in Australia and other parts of the world. The company takes pride in offering its own range of excellent quality products and services to address the issues of a wide range of architectural noise problems. All Acoustic wall panels and Acoustic Ceiling Panels are properly tested and approved in certified laboratories and hence they come with predictable sound absorption characteristics.


If you are looking forward to installing sound absorbing acoustic panels in shopping mall, Arts Centre, Sports Complex, meeting or conference rooms, offices, or at other enclosed places in any part of Australia then you can rely on the expertise and experience of committed professionals of Sontext. You should consult the expert consultant and get suitable Acoustic Timber Panels installed in a professional way.

The expert acoustic staff at Sontext will guide you to select suitable type of sound absorbing panels that will enhance the comforts and sound quality of your commercial property and will give you the desired results. Poor sound quality or noise problem in court rooms will cause great difficulty in court proceedings. Installing decorative Acoustic Ceiling for Court Rooms will not only reduce the noise problem but will also enhance the elegance and aesthetics of the rooms. Hence it makes a great sense to contact the experts of Sontext for suitable acoustic panels. Interested to know more about us? Why not visit our online site at