Classroom noise fixed with Acoustic Panels

Reduced noise in classrooms can reduce teacher stress

Reducing background noise in classroom can be important for both teachers and students. Reflective surfaces such as walls and glass can often cause teachers problems to clearly express themselves properly to their students, and students can often loose concentration.

To help with reflective noises, sound absorbing materials are requiring to reduce disruptive noises, that will benefit both teachers and students.

Acoustic consultant Mr David Dolly, from Acoustic Consulting Australia, worked at a noisy classroom project at Marian College, Sunshine West, in  Victoria.  His work showed that noise requirements were outside regulations. An Acoustic system was installed onto the ceiling as this was the best option for this room.

SerenityLite Acoustic Panels

The noise was reduced using SerenityLite Acoustic Panels on the ceilings and in some small wall areas.  The panels selected were 25mm thick as they worked best at noise levels of 750Khz and above.  Interesting unique ceiling was made with panels covered in porous, decorative fabric in multiple colours. The result was a very usable classroom with improved teaching conditions.


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