Types of Sound Absorbing Panels

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Fabric, Wood, Printed or Painted Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels provide effective sound absorption solutions for offices, auditoriums, schools and an array of different spaces. Sound waves reflected off hard surfaces is common in a variety of spaces. This reflected sound, or noise, is called reverberation, and it can make hearing and understanding speech very difficult. Another result of exposure to noise in closed spaces is increased stress. Further, reverberation can make it hard for people to hear conversations clearly ans can contribute to a lack of concentration and comfort levels. The same is true for interior  spaces such as gyms and basketball courts.

There are a number of options available as different types of sound panels for walls. If you choose either fabric or timber acoustic panels the main aim remains to absorb sound and reduce noise.  Following is a detailed look at the types of acoustic panels that can cater for a variety of different applications:


  1. Fabric Acoustic Panels: These sound panels for walls provide a customizable acoustic solution for various types of rooms or spaces. Apart from serving to reduce noise and improve the listening environment, they also have a visual appeal that integrate perfectly in any setting. Sontext provides a multitude of fabric options for acoustic panels for walls and ceilings to ensure ideal room acoustics for any internal space.


  1. Timber Acoustic Panels: Apart from fabric acoustic panels, timber acoustic panels provide an effective sound absorbing solution for various environments. They have the natural visual appeal 0f timber. They are available in a variety of different perforation patterns and finishes which provide sound absorbing characteristics to suit most interior spaces.



  1. Acoustic Art Panels: These panels from Sontext provide a customised, dynamic interior design option with effective noise control solution. The fabric facing of Art Panels can be overprinted with an image of your choosing, such as company logos or other visual imagery resulting in exciting design flexibility, without compromising on the sound quality.



Sontext can provide acoustic panels that cater to a variety of interior environments and design preferences. The Sontext range of high performance acoustic solutions  can minimise unwanted sound and improve the listening experience for most interior spaces. Sontext has acoustic sound absorbing ceiling to wall panels  that will minimise reverberation and sound reflections in any environment. For more information, browse the Sontext product range on the website, or contact the company specialists for assistance on your project.