Timber Wood Panels Can Make Your Studio or Office More Stylish

Acoustic Wood wall and ceiling panels

Reduce noise in OfficeTimber Wood Panels make ideal  wall and ceiling linings. So the ‘look’ of natural wood veneer, gives a warm feeling.  Also high-quality lacquer or paint finish provides a clean appearance.  These finishes give a natural look and quality that is hard to match with other wall and ceiling lining materials. SONTEXT markets a range of Timber and Wood Panels under its MURANO™ brand. However MURANO Timber Panels have a most important added benefit. Because they are supplied with a slotted, grooved or perforated face. This means  sound waves  passes through and is  absorbed by acoustic insulation installed behind the panels.

Unwanted noise, usually caused by reverberation or reflected sound, can create difficulty for occupants. Therefore it can be the source of annoyance, and even make communication difficult. However utilizing acoustic timber wood panels can minimize this effect. Acoustic panels can be used to increase speech and music quality.

MURANO Acoustic Wood Panels are available in a range of decorative finishes. These are paint, natural wood veneer, decorative laminate. Also including the new range of UV finished wood veneers. The wood panels are available in a wide number of perforated or slotted patterns to ensure a range of acoustic performances. Acoustic Wood Panels are available in timber veneer, decorative laminate as well as in a huge range of paint finishes.

Features of MURANO Acoustic timber wood panels:

High Acoustic Performance
These panels are easy to install and they are visually very attractive. As a result reducing noise levels are a key feature of these acoustic wood panels.

Wood panels have high Impact resistance
Timber Wood Acoustic Panels are robust and able of taking a lot of abuse and have high impact resistance.

SONTEXT experts are available to assist you in choosing the right product. The most appropriate perforated pattern to achieve the sound absorption performance you require. They can also advise on the range of surface finishes and installation methods that best suit your project.

Reduce noise in Office

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