How Timber Wood Panels Present an Effective Acoustic Solution

Timber Wood Panels

Acoustic properties are essential to consider while evaluating acoustic solutions for different building  types and uses such as lecture halls, gymnasiums, auditoriums, etc. Timber wood panels can effectively cater to the acoustic requirements of different environments and have a great visual appeal too.  It is important to understand the needs of the users of the building or the space when evaluating the pattern and the system to be chosen. The timber wood wall panels by Sontext offer an array of different options for ceiling linings and walls etc. Here is a detailed look at the variety of advantages that support the argument of why wood panels present an effective acoustic solution:

  1. The timber wood panels due to the nature of a Mdf substrate makes the wall or ceiling lining more  durable than a soft fibre acoustic treatment. Therefore it is an excellent option as an effective solution in high traffic areas.
  2. There is the flexibility of installation as there are options available for ceilings and walls.  Depending on the level of sound absorption or treatment required the choice of pattern and system is extremely important. The timber wood panels also present a visually appealing acoustic solution for a variety of environments such as theatres, concert halls, conference rooms, and exhibition halls, etc
  3. The fire resistance of timber panels is also high which means that it poses an efficient solution for acoustic needs that elevates the safety quotient as well.
  4. The wood panels also present as a more environment-friendly solution due to the natural nature of wood. Most of the Timbers and substrates used by Sontext are environmentally certified and meet all international standards.
  5. The acoustic properties of wood panels are wide and varied depending on the requirement and purpose of the space, this is a matter of altering the system including the distance at the back of the panels and the patterns.
  6. Murano Panels by Sontext are a globally accepted brand and offer many of these possibilities and solutions.

Murano Acoustic Panels are available in a wide range of finishes and patterns, by contacting Sontext your choice can be made so much easier. Murano acoustic Timber Wood Panels are a great option for a variety of environments not only because of their acoustic properties but their visual appeal as well. They are environment-friendly and also has great resistance to impact and fire.