Ceiling and Wall Panels in Australia – Exploring Better Acoustics and Sound Absorbing Solutions for Home Studio

Ceiling and wall panels in Australia find their extensive application in almost every field including industrial, commercial as well as residential purposes so as to ensure proper sound absorbing on the rooms. These panels not only prevent the echoing of sound in your room but also provide an aesthetic appeal to it.

Variety of alternatives

The market overflows with a diversity of acoustic systems for your home studio ranging from timber wood panels to PVC panels. You can either suspend them from walls or ceiling depending on your respective room need. Popularly known as sound absorbing panels, the timber wood panels are surely the most aesthetic yet effective alternative for both residential as well as commercial projects. They not only improvise the quality of sound you experience but also provide elegant looks to the room.

Some important fixing tips

While you are in the process of installing suitable acoustic baffles in your room, you need to keep the following fixing tips in your mind. They may vary depending upon the type of product you are using:

• Make use of right fixing glue: Whether you have normal or foam painted ceilings and walls, making a preference for solvent-based glue is surely a great alternative for you.

• Find the right fixing: Plastered walls are really a pain when it comes to mounting wall panels in Australia. Thus, the ideal approach is to make sure that you prefer an upright wood joist to fix your panels. Also, make sure to use big and self-tapping screws to ensure their proper fitting.

• Leave appropriate air gaps: In order to ensure effective installation of acoustic panels in your room, you need to make sure that you leave suitable air gaps between the absorption panels and walls or ceilings.