Timber Acoustic Panels combine interior sound quality and luxurious finishes

Unwanted noise in building interiors can cause great disturbance for people living or working in such a space. In fact public spaces that are designed for presentations or performance such as auditoriums, classrooms, conference rooms may have state of the art fittings, but can be severely compromised by poor sound quality. Attention to minimising reflected sound, or reverberation, from hard wall or ceiling surfaces at the design stage can minimise such problems. The solution may be surprisingly simple. A Timber Ceiling Panel system such as the MURANO™ range of sound absorbing panels from Sontext has been designed and tested to perform in such environments, and also to enhance the interior décor of any space.

Timber is a naturally hard surface, so will reflect sound unless processed to absorb it. The MURANO range of Timber Ceiling Panels achieves high performance sound absorption by being slotted, perforated or grooved in a variety of patterns. An acoustic infill material can then be installed behind the panels to ‘soak up’ unwanted sound waves that pass through.  MURANO Timber Ceiling Panels are surface finished in a large range of natural veneers, printed laminate or paint. This combination of quality finish and functional acoustic performance makes Timber Ceiling Panels like MURANO range ideal for quality interiors. 

It is recommended that an experienced acoustic engineer be consulted at the design stage of any project requiring acoustic treatment, or where good acoustics is a prerequisite. Such a professional can assess and recommend the amount of absorption required, and hence the area of absorbing panel surface required. This will vary according to the end-use of the space. For example, a library will require a more ‘intimate’ sound environment than a boisterous café.

Sontext is an experienced, reputable manufacturer and supplier of many styles of acoustic panels. As well as the MURANO range of Timber Ceiling Panels, Sontext market SERENITY™ Fabric Faced Acoustic Panels, Acoustic Baffles, custom printed ART Panels, SONOFONIC painted wall and ceiling Panels, all in a large range of colours and patterns.  The company is Australian-based, but supplies products into most of the world’s major markets. 

Sontext has over 15 years experience in architectural acoustics and can provide you with personalized service to help you choose, source and install the most suitable panels to most substrates.

 Feel free to get in touch with Sontext for more information and service by clicking on the link www.sontext.com.au.