Sontext: Committed to Provide You Customised Acoustic Solution

A boardroom should sound good to ensure smooth proceedings and support productivity. However, the presence of many hard surfaces like glass partitions, computers, tablet screens, hardwood floor and ceiling may lead to reverberation of sound leading to poor acoustics of rooms. Installing audiovisual equipment in such rooms would be a nightmare for the technician and would produce chaos and confusion. This would reduce the speech intelligibility, making any presentation boring and will decrease the productivity of the meetings.


Installing high quality sound absorbing panels like timber acoustic panels, fabric acoustic panels or baffles is the best way to reduce reverberation and improve sound quality of a boardroom. Sontext is one of the most popular names among leading acoustic panel manufacturers and suppliers in Australia. The company has carved a niche in the sound absorbing panels industry and has been providing premium quality acoustic products and solutions to individuals and companies in 20 countries around the world.


When it comes to selecting proper Acoustic Design of a Boardroom or installing panels of high performance and durability in boardrooms, restaurants, cafeterias, gyms or other commercial places then you can rely on the committed folks of Sontext. The experts will guide you to select the most suitable product, purchase and install them that will cater to your sound absorbing needs and will transform the ambience and sound quality of rooms.

Based on the size of the boardroom, the extent of reverberation or echo problem and your installation preferences, the experts would provide you sound baffles, acoustic wall panels, ceiling panels, bass traps, and acoustic ceiling panels as per your requirements.

What makes Sontext a go-to supplier of acoustic panels is its commitment to provide sound absorbing panels in stylish finishes that includes decorative fabrics, timber veneer or laminate finishes. Clients are sure to get high quality Acoustic Design of a Boardroom, noise control products and excellent service that would address a wide range of architectural noise problems. So what are you waiting for? Say goodbye to sound quality problem in your boardroom, cabins and conference rooms today by getting in touch with any of our experts on calling +61 (03) 9432 2733 or sending an email at Feel free to visit us online by clicking on the link