Consult acoustic expert to resolve sound problem in your building for good

The interiors of a building play an important role in determining the comforts and conveniences of its occupants. The environment in which we live directly affects our physical and mental health. Unwanted noise creates stress and makes it difficult to hear other persons or understand speech. An auditorium with sound problem will make it difficult for audience to listen to the speaker and understand speech or appreciate the musical performance. It is very important to install high quality acoustic panels onto the walls or ceilings of rooms in all such buildings. Acoustic panels are those products that absorb sound and control their flow thereby minimising background noise or reducing reverberation.

Whether you consider installing acoustic panels mounted on walls or Timber Ceiling Panels suspended from roof, it is very important to consult an expert before going for the same. The expert consultant will guide you to select suitable acoustic panels with proper insulation thickness, right kind of finish as well as colour that complements the beauty and aesthetics of your home interiors. Sontext is the most prominent name among leading world class noise control products suppliers. This Australia based company with its authorized distributors or specialists in 20 countries fulfils sound absorbing requirements of individuals and industries worldwide.

Sontext provides a wide range of noise control products that include fabric acoustic panels, sound baffles, Timber Ceiling Panels, Bass Traps, acoustic wood panels, wall panels and work station panels. With a dedicated team of staffs having over 25 years of experience in architectural acoustics, the company takes pride on its premium quality products and services facilitating people to give the best acoustic treatment to their buildings. When it comes to selecting the best acoustic wood panels then Sontext provides perforated, grooved and slotted wall and ceiling panels available in decorative laminates, hard wood coating, and paint finishes. You can select the pattern, colour and finishes according to your choice and resolve the sound problem once and for good. For more information and services visit our online store at or consult our expert on +61 (03) 432 2733. You can drop a mail at