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Environmentally Friendly Wall PAnel
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Leed Certified and FSC Acoustic Wood Panels

Murano Acoustic Wood Panels are more than just a Wood panel with holes in it that has some acoustic performance.

Recently Ecospecifier reviewed Murano Acoustic Wood/Timber Panels and have rated them against LEED, Green Star and other environmental criteria and the results are amazing.

The basic substrate which consists of MDF and  not only is it FSC certified but E0 and has been tested against the Building code of Australia Fire Tests. It is important when choosing a substrate that you ask the supplier to provide certifcaton on F.S.C. (Chain of Custody), Fire Test results and any environmental claims they may make.

Murano are pleased to release the new ECOBOARD substrate which is quite revolutionary in acoustic wood panels, not only does it have no Formaldehyde at all, it rates exceptionally well against all major environmental categories.

Ecoboard has  been tested against Australian Fire Tests and achieved Group 1 and Class A in the USA Fire tests. All the standard Murano Acoustic patterns and veneers are available on the ECOBOARD core.

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Environmentally Friendly ACoustic Wood Panels
Article Name
Environmentally Friendly ACoustic Wood Panels
Leed Certified Acoustic Wood Panels, Murano Acoustic Wood has been certified as Leed Compliant and certified as Green by Ecospecifier

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