Meet sound-absorbing needs of your home or office from an expert Acoustic panel supplier

The interiors of a residential or commercial complex determine the beauty and elegance as well as the comfort level of the people living there. At times, noise produced by the echo of the sound of many people in a living room, cafeteria or any auditorium disturbs the serenity of the interiors and make people feel unpleasant. The audience wouldn’t be able to listen to the speakers and this would create mess and confusion. Installing cutting edge noise control products procured from a leading supplier will root out this problem once and for all.

Sontext is the most prominent manufacturer and supplier of high-quality fabric and wooden acoustic panels to individuals and business groups in Australia and other parts of the world. Having over 15 years of experience in successfully providing cutting edge noise control products the company takes pride in its impeccable quality products and services.  Whether you need acoustic baffles ceiling for auditorium or classroom or you need fabric acoustic panels for your meeting room, you can easily purchase the desired sound-control product from the leading supplier at a cost effective price.

Sontext will provide you high quality acoustic baffles, known for their superb quality performance and stylish architectural finishes. You can easily consult the expert and discuss your sound absorbing needs to get personalized suggestions related to the selection, installation and finishes of suitable noise control product. With a wide range of Acoustic Panel products that includes fabric panels, Acoustic timber/wood panel, Sonofonic Acoustic Clouds and Acoustic Baffles, Sontext fulfills sound-absorbing requirements of various clients in a customized and comprehensive way. So forget the entire nuisance created by the noise in your home or office interiors and say good-bye to hassles of meeting your sound absorbing needs. Visit us online and ask for a price quote only on