Improve Sound in Multi-Purpose Venue – Serenity Acoustic Panels

Improve sound in Arena with Serenity Acoustic Panels

Serenity Acoustic Panels improve Sound for Concerts

Hisense Arena in Melbourne Australia is a large multi-purpose venue with a retractable roof, used for a variety of events, including sports and entertainment. The venue experienced sound quality problem when it was being used for certain concerts. Melbourne and Olympic Parks Trust commissioned Acoustic Consultants Watson Moss Growcott   to develop a solution to the problem. Doug Growcott from Watson Moss Growcott  identified the area in front of the corporate boxes as being the source of reflected sound, causing problems with sound and speech clarity. Watson Moss Growcott chose 50mm thick Serenity Fabric Covered Acoustic Panels, installed under the ceiling area shown in the picture, to absorb the unwanted reflected sound the reverberation. Serenity Acoustic Panels were chosen for their their excellent sound absorption performance and resistance to impact damage. The durability of Serenity Acoustic Panels is achieved by the inclusion of L32 Impact Resistant Membrane directly under the fabric facing.

Placement of the acoustic treatment is critical in treating unwanted  sound reflections that cause reverberation or echo. It is recommended that the placement and choice of  acoustic panel is carried out in conjunction with an Acoustic Consultant.

Serenity Acoustic Fabric Panels are available in many different fabric finishes from leading textile suppliers  such as Laine Furnishings, Knoll Textiles, Maharam,  Innova and Sustainable Living.

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