Acoustic Wood Slats Panels by Murano

Reduce noise in Dining RoomPeter Elliot Architects worked with Acoustic Consulting Australia to design a innovative wall and ceiling treatment that was not only  highly decorative but also reduced reverberant noise in the School Dining Room at Melbourne Grammar.

Sontext were contacted to see what solution could be developed that met the design requirements but also achieved an NRC of 0.95. The school wanted to use Tasmanian Oak that could be stained and painted with a lime-wash to achieve a light, neutral finish. Murano Acoustic slat panels were developed for project, by fixing 19x40mm Tasmanian Oak slats to a fire rated,  fabric covered MDF substrate. The panels were insulated with   25mm thick acoustic insulation.

Murano Acoustic Wood Slat Panels not only gave Melbourne Grammar School the ‘look’ they wanted in the Dining Room, but intrusive background noise was reduced significantly.

If you have a school dining room that needs to have the noise reduced please contact Sontext Acoustic Panels at




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