“In our consulting rooms and waiting rooms we can hear everything that is being said in the reception area”.

Many people who have a noise problem like this are not sure where to start. The first thing that must be addressed is to understand what type of noise it is that is causing concern and its source. Here are some questions, and answers, that might apply to a typical medical centre: Serenity Acoustic Wall Panels

  1. What type of noise is it (eg, music, voices, machines, etc)?

Answer: Conversation, speech, telephone calls.

  1. Where is it coming from?

Answer: Reception area

  1. Is noise coming through the walls and ceilings of the consulting rooms?

Answer: We can’t hear conversation coming from adjacent rooms, so the answer is No.

  1. Can people in reception hear what is being said in the consulting rooms.

Answer: No

Conclusion and Solution

In this case, it appears that the source of the noise, and its source, is visitors and conversation in the reception area. This generally means that reverberation is the culprit, probably caused by sound waves reflecting off hard surfaces (like interior walls or floors) and becoming annoying background noise.

Sontext Acoustic Wall Panels – a good place to start.

To solve this, a simple solution is to install sound absorbing acoustic panels into the reception area.

This will reduce the noise significantly and can also be a decorative feature, as in the image of an Serenity Art Panel in a reception area. By Installing Serenity Acoustic Wall Panels the sound transmission through the adjoining consulting room wall can also be reduced.

The other decision people with a noise problem face is where is the best location to place the acoustic panel to maximise Serenity Art Panelthe impact on the noise that is annoying them. Sontext can assist in answering this question, and others that may arise in minimising unwanted background noise.

Sontext also manufacture and supply other types of acoustic panels. These include Acoustic wall panels, Acoustic ceiling panels, Baffles, Clouds and moveable Acoustic screens.

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