Fabric Acoustic Ceiling Panels

Fabric Acoustic Ceiling Panels In Refurbished Town Hall

Recently Sontext was contacted by Peddle Thorpe Architects of Melbourne to assist in supplying fabric acoustic ceiling panels.  The brief was to  reduce noise in the refurbishment of the Historic Collingwood Town hall.

Collingwood Town Hall is  building that had high ceilings with many hard surfaces in many small and large rooms. The intent was to use these rooms as offices. The existing building has  many  hard surfaces in the rooms. This makes the rooms very noisy. This noise or echo would make it very difficult for staff to work in the new offices. It would be hard to hear each other and also difficult to concentrate.

Design incorporates Fabric Acoustic Ceiling Panels.

Peddle Thorpe appointed an acoustic engineer from Acoustic Consulting Australia, Mr David Dolly. Mr  David Dolly then undertook  an acoustic analysis of the project. He was to consider which acoustic panels would be most effective in reducing the noise in the offices.   Mr David Dolly had to consider  the thickness of the Acoustic Panels and   the amount of  area to be treated.

The Interior designers from Peddle Thorpe had a different brief and that was to choose a product that would suit a refurbishment of Heritage building while adding to the new décor.

Fabric Acoustic  Ceiling Panels - Sontext
Reduce noise in Offices with Sontext Acoustic Ceiling Panels

The choice  was Serenity Fabric Acoustic Panels from Sontext. The Sontext fabric acoustic ceiling panel has excellent acoustic performance. Another feature of the panel is  the impact resistant membrane meant give a very strong acoustic panel.

The noise in offices is usually  a mid  to high range frequency and the 25mm Serenity Acoustic Panels was chosen.  By using the 25mm thick Serenity Fabric Acoustic Ceiling panel  that 85% of the desired noise would be absorbed giving a quieter work environment.

All parties  involved in the project including the City of Yarra are very happy with the end result.

For further information on Serenity Fabric Acoustic Panels please contact Sontext at +61 3 9432 2733 or via email at sales@sontext.com.au.

Fabric Acoustic Ceiling Panels reduce noise in offices-Sontext
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Fabric Acoustic Ceiling Panels reduce noise in offices-Sontext
Sontext have recently supplied Fabric Acoustic Ceiling panels to the newly refurbished Collingwood Town Hall. The Serenity Panels were chosen because of their high acoustic performance and high impact resistance.