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Sonofonic Lightweight Acoustic Panels installed in a Teaching Kitchen to minimise background noise
Sonofonic Lightweight Acoustic Panels installed in a Teaching Kitchen to minimise background noise

Classroom Noise a Problem for Teachers and Pupils – Lightweight acoustic Panels

by Gerald Hynes

Background noise in classrooms can be a major problem, but it is not always recognised. It can result in speech recognition problems and hearing difficulties for students, and increased stress on teaching staff.

Reverberation and other unwanted noise can be amplified by hard floor and wall surfaces  such as concrete and glass. This reflected sound makes clear communication difficult for teachers and students alike. Sound and speech quality can be a particular problem in active practical classrooms like the teaching kitchen pictured here, where tools, implements, cross-talk, etc., all contribute to the background noise. Often, an unpleasant outcome of situations like this is that sound levels go up – as teachers and students tend to shout to make themselves heard.

Lightweight Acoustic Panels Provide a Simple Solution

A simple way to improve this situation is to  install Acoustic Panels in the room. Lightweight Sonofonic Acoustic Panels finished with a porous washable paint system. They are easily retrofitted under an existing ceiling using ‘Spiramount’ spiral fixings available from Sontext.  Information on this panel fixing system can be obtained from Sontext via the e-mail link below.In the case pictured here, 50mm thick Sonofonic sound absorbing panels were suspended horizontally under the concrete slab ceiling at Riverside High School, Tasmania. Sontext have completed  a number of similar school projects recently – in laboratories, music rooms and craft rooms. Teaching staff report that the reduction in noise levels was noticeable immediately.

If you require a solution to classroom noise please contact Sontext on

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Improve learning and reduce staff stress by installing Lightweight Sonofonic or Serenity Acoustic Panels to noisy classrooms

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