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Serenity Fabric Acoustic  Wall Panels Improve Church Hall Acoustics

Improve Sound in Church Hall - Serenity Panels

Diamond Valley Baptist Church in Melbourne Australia recently concluded that they were unable to use their Church Hall for a planned conference because of poor sound quality and excessive reverberation. In fact reflected noise and echo meant that  the hall was only available for limited use.

Serenity Fabric Acoustic Wall Panels were installed onto the hard surfaced walls (see picture) and as a result echo was reduced, and sound quality was improved significantly. After installing the panels the Church Hall was then able to be used for the conference. The Church Sound Technician  Mr Andrew Reeves said ” This is the first time we have been able to use this room for a conference, the difference was significant”

The choice of a panel with good sound absorption across the frequency spectrum was important, as the hall is required for many purposes –  from kids clubs to conferences.  Serenity Acoustic Panels were ideal for this application, as they are available in a number of thicknesses, have a fire retardant core, and also have an impact resistant membrane ( L32), under the decorative fabric so will withstand damage from indoor sports and games, such as basketball impacts. By installing the Serenity Acoustic panel with the Sontext aluminium split batten system installation costs can be reduced significantly. The Sontext installation system is very simple and can be installed by a competent handyman or trades person

If you have a noisy Church Hall please contact Sontext to  find out what options are available. Email Sontext at

Noisy Church Hall |Acoustic Panels the Solution|
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Noisy Church Hall |Acoustic Panels the Solution|
Diamond Valley Baptist Church has a noisy hall that was fixed by adding Serenity Acoustic Panels

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