Consult an experienced acoustic engineer to meet your sound-absorbing needs

In the present day world of cutting edge tools and technology buyers worldwide want to get the best value for money on every purchase. Be it books, jewellery, shoes, clothes, home appliances, toys or electronic items, every buyer wants to procure his or her desired products on a highly discounted cost.  Noise problems in your workplace interiors may take out the enjoyment of being at work or lay if it is a noisy gymnasium.Whenever you have noise  or echo problems this can  lead to distortion of music and speech which  produces major problems in communication and presentation. Installing superb quality timber ceiling panels or acoustic wall panels in your office, meeting room or studio etc, will help you resolve the problem for good and enjoy living and working in the most comfortable environment.

Sontext is one of the most prominent names among leading Australia based manufacturers and suppliers of high quality acoustic panels. The company with a well coordinated team of expert and experienced staff has carved a niche in providing world class noise control products to its clients at a cost effective price in the most convenient way. Established in 2001 in Australia the company is committed to be the number one choice for high performance sound control products for people in Australia and other parts of the world.

What makes this company stand apart from others is its commitment to provide high quality products that will result in optimum customers’ satisfaction. The experienced Staff of the company take pride in offering high quality products and excellent services thereby fulfilling sound control and sound absorbing requirements of its clients irrespective of their profession and complexity of noise problem. Sontext staff have experience of over 25 years in architectural acoustics ensuring that clients get quality timber ceiling panels and other acoustic panels that have been designed in stylish finishes.

Whether you are the owner of an auditorium or a restaurant in Sydney, Victoria, UK, Qatar or elsewhere and you want to get free from the noise problem in your property then you must get in touch with the committed experts of Sontext. The expert will provide you the much needed suggestions and valuable tips and will help you purchase and install the most suitable acoustic panel that will meet your sound-absorbing needs. For more information and services feel free to contact us on phone at 61 (0)2 9844 5414, +61 (03) 9432 2733 or visit us online at