Give your property the best acoustic treatment to resolve noise problems

Noise or a bad sound problem in almost any Government or commercial complex is a great nuisance. This not only produces difficulty in effective communication but also creates stress and distortion of speech and music. Be it a studio or an office, a restaurant or an auditorium, noise problems must be resolved urgently in a proper way. When it comes to resolving noise or sound reverberation problems then installing scientifically tested and artistically designed acoustic wall panels and acoustic ceiling panels is the best way.

If you want to say goodbye to noise or echo problem in your office or restaurant then you must consider getting in touch with the expert who will help you purchase and install suitable acoustic panels. At times in some rooms installing acoustic wood panels or acoustic fabric wall panels may not be feasible. In all such cases experts suggest to install acoustic baffles that are suspended horizontally or vertically with the roof. These acoustic panels do not interfere with the other facilities or services in the ceiling and also absorb the unwanted sound thereby enhancing the comforts and convenience.

Sontext is a well reputed manufacturer and supplier of acoustic panels based in Australia that is committed to provide world class noise control products to individuals and industries worldwide. Founded in 2001 with the mission to provide acoustic panels to its clients at a cost effective price the company caters to the sound-absorbing requirements of thousands of clients. Sontext facilitates people to select from among fabric acoustic panels, timber acoustic panels, acoustic art panels and acoustic baffles to enable them give their properties the best acoustic treatment.

Whether you require personalized guidance related to selection of the right acoustic panel or installing them or you need to purchase the product, you can feel free to contact the expert and get your requirements fulfilled. Getting highly decorative wood acoustic panels installed in your home, auditorium or cafeteria will not only provide you the much needed sound absorbing but will also enhance the beauty and aesthetic elegance of your rooms. So what are you waiting for? Just visit us online for any query or service at