Install excellent quality acoustic panels to improve sound quality of your building

Sound problems in your home, restaurant, auditorium or any commercial complex can be quite disturbing. Unwanted noise makes significant impact on human health. They not only cause stress, reduced concentration and uneasiness but prolonged exposure to sound of high decibels may also cause hearing loss. Echo problems in homes, restaurants or auditoriums lead to ineffective communication, speech or music distortion and tress and uneasiness.

Installing acoustic wall panels and timber ceiling panels in buildings with sound problems help people get free from this problem and thus enhance sound quality of a room. Selecting the suitable acoustic panel and procuring the same from a leading supplier will help one say goodbye to sound problem and get the best value for one’s money. Sontext is a well reputed Australia based manufacturer and supplier of premium quality acoustic panels that fulfills sound absorbing requirements of individuals and business groups worldwide. Founded in 2001 in Australia the company manufactures a wide range of acoustic panels that includes Sound Baffles, Ceiling Panels, Bass Traps, Acoustic Wood Panels, Wall Panels, Work Station Panels, and Acoustic Ceiling Panels.

Whether you require installing grooved or perforated timber wall panels or timber ceiling panels you can easily get customized and comprehensive services from the experts of Sontext.  Right from providing personalized suggestions to inspection, taking measurement, selection of the right panel and convenient installation of acoustic panels at suitable places, experts of Sontext are always ready to meet their clients’ sound-absorbing needs in a prompt and professional way.

All the products of Sontext are available on a discounted cost in 20 countries around the world and people can easily locate the store in their preferred countries or cities. With an unflinching commitment to provide excellent quality and time tested acoustic panels Sontext enables its clients improve the sound quality and say goodbye to sound problems in their residential or commercial complexes. You can either select fabric acoustic panels, timber acoustic panels, acoustic art panels and acoustic clouds and baffles that will enhance the beauty and elegance of interiors and also improve the sound quality of rooms.

So make it a point to visit us online at and browse our online catalogue to select the right product and get the best-in-class products and services.