Why do people have trouble hearing me clearly over Zoom?

This is a common question that people ask us every week, usually followed up with - Why do people say I sound like I am in a tunnel with all the echo?

Certainly, your computer sound system plays a part, but the problem is more likely poor sound clarity. The cause is sound waves reflected off hard surfaces like your desk, the computer screen and the other surfaces in the room. The result can mean the room sounds like an echo chamber. This reflected sound is called reverberation, and it can make it very hard for others on a Zoom call to hear you clearly.

Reduce the noise with Serenity Acoustic PanelsThe solution is to install a sound absorbing panel to soak up the reflected sound bouncing off hard surfaces. A simple solution is to place a Serenity Acoustic Panel on your desk as shown in the accompanying images. These Serenity Acoustic Desk Panels come in two sizes 1200x600mm and 90ox600mm. They can absorb up to 90% of the sound waves that reach the surface, that would otherwise cause irritating “echo” for your listeners


Meeting Rooms

If the office or meeting room is larger and the sound is bouncing of a glass wall or the ceiling then a larger acoustic treatment is required. Sound could  be bouncing of the desk or boardroom table to the ceiling causing the really echoey sound.

Serenity Acoustic Wall panels To fix this Sontext recommend SerenityLite Acoustic Ceiling Panels in 1200x600x25mm direct fixed to the ceiling covering about 50% of the ceiling area. Where this is not possible Serenity Wall Acoustic panels can be installed to stop the noise from bouncing from the glass walls.

To get a recommendation please contact Sontext with pictures of your room to sales@sontext.com.au

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