PET Privacy Screens

Sontext are happy to introduce Acoustiscreen Privacy desk screens. Made from environmentally friendly fire rated materials, the desk screens are lightweight and provide privacy and some acoustic treatment. Available in two thicknesses of 12mm and 24mm and length of 600mm, 900mm and 1200mm.

The Acoustiscreens can be setup very quickly with the desk attachment or the portable desktop stand.

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Fabric Covered Acoustic Desk Screens

Serenity Acoustic Desk screens are a great way to reduce noise in the workplace. You may work in an open plan office with many people on the phone creating a lot of noise. By installing Acoustic screens at your work space the noise is reduced significantly.

Available in various colours,  sizes and a choice of fixing method, Serenity screens are perfect for improving sound quality for teleconferencing or online chat meetings.

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Mobile or portable full height acoustic panels Serenity portable

 Serenity portable  acoustic stands are a great way to create a temporary quiet area. This could be in an open plan office area or a meeting room with all glass walls.   Serenity Mobile acoustic screens offer privacy and significant noise reduction. Serenity Mobile screens can come in up to 100 coloured fabrics and in custom heights up to 2000 metres high.

Perfect for open plan offices or subdivided areas where temporary privacy and noise reduction are required. Comprising a timber frame with feet or mobile with castors, the mobile Serenity Screens are the perfect temporary and flexible solution to noisy areas.

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