MSAC ‘Champions Room’ Acoustic Panel Installation

Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centres (MSAC) houses training, competition and recovery facilities for elite athletes and for the Melbourne community. The ‘Champions Room’ is used for functions and had a serious problem with high noise levels.  With a floor to ceiling glass exterior window wall looking out over Albert Park and the city, the root cause of the problem was severe reverberation – sound reflected back off the hard glass surfaces. Sontext worked through several design options and prototypes with the customer to treat the opposite wall, and ceiling, with acoustic panels. The design criteria included absorption of the reflected sound, and to introduce a dynamic, colourful design into the space. The finished installation successfully minimised the high noise levels in the space to the clients’ satisfaction.

Fabric faced SerenityLite Panels were chosen and Sontext manufactured these in a bold, integrated angular pattern to cover the complete wall surface as shown in the picture. The Fabric finish was from teh Trilogy One range from Innova Fabrics

For the ceiling SerenityLite 1200×600 x25mm panels were chosen in an unobtrusive neutral fabric finish.

The client, William Pettigrove, Building Services Manager for MSAC, commented: “Just wanted to say Thankyou for your help with the Champions room, the panels are looking great and we will send through some photos once finished! I would like to look at other spaces too, so I will be in touch. Thankyou again”