Solved by adding acoustic panels

Serenity Acoustic Wall and Ceiling panels

Noisy Customer Service areas

Noisy customer service areas can create major problems for a number of people. This can be as simple as making it difficult for the receptionist hearing clients.   Such as they are on the phone or noise being transmitted to other areas around the customer service are.

CoHealth in the western Suburbs of Melbourne had a customer service area with consulting rooms adjacent to reception. Generally the noise was intrusive in all areas of the building. There needed to be a solution that would match the décor of the space and also be functional in reducing the noise. The client chose Serenity Panels in a variety of colour as well as a Serenity Art panel.

It was important to choose the right colours and an image that matched the needs of the  clients as well as the staff and users of the space. The result can be seen in the pictures above. Serenity 50mm thick acoustic panels were chosen because of their high quality acoustic performance. this would reduce the noise in the noisy customer service area.  It was important to have the durability and the high quality finish. Serenity Acoustic panels have a high impact substrate behind the fabric.  Sontext Serenity panels are durable and  strong enough for high traffic areas. The wooden frame and unique fixing system means they are removable of the walls and can be relocated to other areas if required.

With Serenity Art panels CoHealth chose an image from their own library or they could have selected from an online library such as Dreamstime. The result is high quality sound absorption and a high resolution image.

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