It is necessary to create a comfortable interior environment where people can easily communicate with others and using right acoustic panel solution in a large room can help.  Sontext has installed Serenity Lite Fabric Panels in halls, community spaces and classrooms across Australia which have reduced reverberation and added to the room décor.

Braybrook Community Centre partnered with Sontext to solve the noise problems in their multipurpose room.  This space had limited uses as it was simply too noisy. The acoustic specialists at Sontext had to find a cost effective acoustic solution that would also blend in with the room and the current décor.

The solution was to retrofit 25mm Serenity Lite Acoustic Fabric Panels to the ceilings and walls of the interior space.  By installing 25mm acoustic panels the sound waves were absorbed rather than continuing to bounce of the hard surfaces within the room.  By reducing the reverberation time conversations are clearer, unwanted noise levels have decreased and the local community is able to utilise their community space.

Serenity Lite Fabric Panels

Serenity Lite Panels Installed in Braybrook Community Centre

Serenity Lite Wall Acoustic Panels