Decrasound - the complete range of Polyester Acoustic Solutions

Decrasound is a range of decorative sound absorbing products manufactured from100% polyester fibres and contain a minimum of 75% post-consumer recycled materials.

Sontext have introduced the Decrasound range to address the environmental trends in construction materials.

The Decrasound range includes –

  • Wall Panels
  • Ceiling systems
  • 3D decorative panel
  • Office Screens and Partitions
  • Decorative Lighting systems
  • Most of the Decrasound systems are available in up to 48 colours or highly decorative printed finishes.

The key characteristics of the Decrasound range are:

  • Fire rated
  • Acoustically rated
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Widely available

The Decrasound range is available through:

  • Sontext Australia
  • Sontext UK
  • Decra-acoustics USA
  • Sontext partners in the MENA region
  • Triple Three in Kenya.


Acoustic 3D Panels

Dimension 3D Acoustic Panels

Over 48 colours and 25 different designs to choose from.


PET Acoustic Baffles

Decrasound Ceiling systems

Baffles, Clouds, 3D shapes are only part of the Decrasound Ceiling range.

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Decraslat acoustic timber panels

Decraslat Timber Batten wall systems

DecraSlat consist of a combination of decorative timber wall panels and Acousticscreen wall linings. 

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"Sontext have delivered a complete range decorative and functional systems manufactured for recycled PET".

~Richard McCracken- Architect