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Why is noise now a problem?

Now that many people are returning to the office, even if only for a few days a week, we are hearing of many people finding office and factory workplaces noisy and annoying. Working from home has meant a quieter, more comfortable environment, with a lot less distractions – even for those with children.

Now people are starting to move back to their traditional workplaces they are finding that the noise that they were once comfortable with is now unbearable. Its like the family that live next to the railway line but do not hear trains, because they’ve grown used to them, but visitors can’t stand the noise.

Many clients are discovering just  how noisy meeting rooms can be. These rooms having have probably been used for Zoom or Teams meetings for the last 20 months, but the sound quality was always poor due to background noise. It was bearable but annoying at the same time. People are now starting to realise, for example, how noisy the boss was over the video link from the meeting room.

Now that we are getting back to having meetings in the office in person, this noise has become a problem and the annoyance levels have increased. This creates stress which in turn effects productivity and overall health.

What Can We Do

Removing the reverberation, or background noise, in many meeting rooms is not difficult. It can be minimised by installing the appropriate acoustic absorbers and treatment. At Sontext we provide many different products that vary in performance, look and cost that can solve your interior noise problem.

To see what your office or meeting room can look like please see our gallery at:

Sontext Gallery

These include

  • Decrasound Polyester Wall and Ceiling solutions
  • Xcouztix Acoustic Foam
  • Serenity Fabric covered wall and ceiling panels
  • Sonofonic Ceiling Panels
  • Serenity Acoustic Art Panels

Sontext products are available in

  • Australia
  • Middle East
  • UK and Ireland
  • USA

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Serenity Acoustic Panels
Serenity Acoustic Panels
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