Noise is something that affects almost everyone – in places like a noisy shopping centre, office, classroom or while working from home. Noise is created by sound bouncing of hard surfaces either walls ceilings or floors. This creates an echo effect, known as reverberation. The impact of excessive noise on people can lead to problems like increased stress in the workplace, difficulties in concentration or just overall annoyance.

One way of reducing or eliminating these problems is to install products that absorb, or soak up, the unwanted sound. The most common method used to achieve this is by incorporating noise absorbing panels into the space or rooms concerned

Acoustic Sound Panels cab be installed onto most hard wall or ceiling surfaces. Fabric covered acoustic panels such as Serenity Acoustic panels by Sontext are commonly used for this purpose.

Fabric covered acoustic panels

Sound absorption panels absorb sound across the frequency spectrum but are particularly effective at voice frequencies. Panel thicknesses required can vary. It depends on the type of noise or the volume of the noise to be absorbed. Acoustic sound panels are available in various thickness from 25mm through to 200mm thick. Lower frequency sound waves usually requires thicker panels to absorb the higher energy sound waves, while sound waves at voice frequencies can usually be treated with 25 or 50mm thickness panels.

Serenity Fabric Acoustic Panels are available in a variety of fabric finishes including a huge range standard colours. The fabric can even be overprinted as art panels. The result of installing Serenity Noise Absorbing Panels onto walls or ceilings, in the appropriate thickness, is to enable unwanted sound to be absorbed. For those that occupy the space – staff, workers or visitors – comfort is significantly improved, and a calmer, more relaxing environment is achieved.

For assistance in choosing sound absorbing panels, including decorative fabrics, finishes, correct thicknesses and panel area required to achieve a satisfactory result, please contact Sontext. Our acoustics specialists will be able to assist.