Sontext: Committed to Provide Premium Acoustic Solution to Your Property

Sound absorbing panels play a very important role in transforming the ambience of those rooms that have poor acoustics. These panels reduce the reverberation and enhance the comfort and aesthetic appeal of the rooms. Imagine an auditorium with echo problem that causes music distortion and creates confusion among the audience. A classroom with poor acoustics will make it difficult for students to understand the lectures. Audiophiles would not be able to enjoy their favorite music in a home theatre if it has the problem of excessive reverberation.

Providing proper acoustical treatment to these rooms is fundamental to ensure smooth working, living and getting entertainment. Based on the cause and intensity of the noise problem, property owners prefer to consult experienced acoustic consultants who help them select the right kind of acoustic panels and get the problem resolved for good.

When it comes to buying premium treatment panels then you should select a top-notch supplier who commands an enviable reputation in the market. Sontext is a renowned name in this field that provides sound baffles, Acoustical Clouds Ceiling, wall panels, bass traps, and acoustic art panels and caters to the sound absorption needs of individuals and industries in 20 countries of the world.

With a team of dedicated experts and an extensive experience of over 25 years in delivering high quality acoustical solution to its clients the company takes pride in offering customized and end- to-end acoustical services and solutions. Whether you want to install acoustical clouds ceiling in your home theatre or recording studio or restaurant you can rely on experts of Sontext for getting high-performance designer clouds or acoustic baffles hanging from the ceiling. These panels come in excellent finishes that not only absorb excess sound but also enhance the elegance of the rooms.

Sontext is committed to providing all its clients high quality noise control solutions at a competitive price. If your home, office, departmental store or any commercial property is plagued with noise problem then feel free to discuss with our experts by calling on +61 (03) 9432 2733 or sending us an email at For more information and services, visit us online at