Make Your Home or Office a Truly Desirable Place by Installing Acoustic Panels

Noise pollution is a great problem in metropolitan towns and cities where people get it from heavy traffic, trains and aircraft, industrial machines and construction activities. Prolong exposure to high decibel sound leads to hearing loss and may produce other health problems as high blood pressure, coronary artery diseases and other cardiovascular problems.

Properties with poor acoustics produce a bundle of problems for the occupants. They make it difficult for residents to communicate with each other or enjoy their favorite music from the home theater. When the interiors of a home, office, classroom or a restaurant consists of many hard surfaces like glasses or concrete walls then the sound produced due to any Hi-Fi system or even by a speaker may get reflected several times creating echo or reverberation.

Installing high-quality sound absorbing panel like wood ceiling panels in recording studios, classrooms, auditoriums, home theaters, gyms or meeting rooms would help reduce reverberation and increase sound clarity and quality. This will help create a peaceful environment that will facilitate in healthy learning, disturbance-free meeting or will help employees concentrate on the works of highest priority.

Selecting a well-reputed and experienced acoustic panels manufacturer and supplier is crucial to getting the best acoustic solution for your property. Sontext Pty Ltd. is an Australia-based privately owned and operated company that has been providing an extensive range of noise control products to its clients in 20 countries around the world. The company is one of the distinguished names among world’s leading sound absorbing panels suppliers and is committed to providing end- to-end services to its clients at a competitive price in a quick turnaround time.

With over 25 years of experience in architectural acoustics and backed up by a team of experts that include panels manufacturers, acoustic engineers, quality controllers and customer sales representatives. Sontext takes pride in its ability to provide standard and customised wood ceiling panels and other types of panels as per the clients’ needs and preferences.

People can purchase acoustic panels, sound baffles, ceiling panels, bass traps, acoustic wood panels, wall panels, and workstation panels, acoustic ceiling panels for their residential or commercial complexes with ease from the comforts of their homes or offices.

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