Install Quality Acoustic Wood Panels to Improve the Sound Quality of Rooms

Rooms with poor acoustics or sound quality can be a source of constant annoyance. “Echo” or reverberation of sound, can make communication difficult. It can also life difficult for both performers and audience, for example, to appreciate any musical or stage performance or to simply enjoy entertainment. Nagging noise problems, unless resolved, can sabotage success for venues that rely on clear communication and ambience, like a restaurant, courtroom, classroom, auditorium or a gym. Thankfully there are solutions to many such problems: Acoustic panel suppliers can help improve the sound quality of such spaces and thus say goodbye to echo problem.

Sontext is a premium Australia-based acoustic panel manufacturer and supplier that provides an array of sound absorbing panels in stylish architectural finishes to its clients worldwide. With extensive experience of over 25 years, the expert and committed personnel of Sontext can provide a selection of high-quality wood ceiling panels, fabric acoustic wall panels and acoustic art panels that can minimise sound absorption in most applications.

Very few alternatives can match the quality, durability and artistic elegance as provided by acoustic wooden panels. Acoustic wood panels are available in a variety of sizes, finishes and veneers. Many people prefer to install the “timber look” of perforated or grooved acoustic wood ceiling panels in their residential or commercial complexes. Sontext can easily provide customised wood ceiling panels that can be mounted on walls or ceilings, or suspended from the latter as baffles. Wood ceiling panels from Sontext have been the lining of choice for courtrooms, multiplexes, bars and restaurants, auditoriums, and many other interiors.

The Sontext experts can help you with personalised suggestions and facilitate your choice for facing types, perforation patterns, panel sizes, etc, for acoustic wooden panels. Regardless of your aesthetic choices, acoustic wood panels will make a difference – they can absorb and diffuse sound, minimise reverberation, thereby enhancing speech intelligibility and sound quality.

All acoustic panels are manufactured and scientifically tested for their specific sound absorption characteristics and other features by recognised testing facilities. Hence, clients can be assured of getting quality products at a competitive price from the professionals at Sontext. You can contact our staff by calling us on +61 (03) 9432 2733/ +61 (0)2 9844 5414 or sending an email to You can also contact us by visiting us online at or sending a filled form at