Church Hall Acoustics

Many Church Halls are used as multipurpose venues where sound quality is an important attribute.  Refurbishing an old, reverberant Church Hall so it can be used for a wide variety of  activities can be demanding. Church Hall Refurbishment On weekends, hall uses may include music performances, church services or presentations using a public address system. During the week the same hall may be utilised for many other activities, like sports for example. This places many acoustic demands on a hall, and if it is an old hall there are usually reverberation – or echo –  problems.  Reflected sound can make it difficult for a presenter or leader to be heard clearly. A noisy audience can make speech almost intelligible in a reverberant hall.

By  introducing sound absorbing 25mm or 50mm Serenity(tm) Fabric Acoustic Panels onto the walls or ceilings of noisy halls reverberation can be reduced significantly. The accompanying image shows how 25mm thick Serenity Acoustic Panels  have been installed onto existing walls, creating a decorative feature and reducing reverberation noise significantly. The installation is quick and simple using the Serenity Fixing Rail. Using this system, the panels can be moved if required at any time.

Serenity Fabric Acoustic Panels include an L32 Impact Resistant Membrane. As a result the panels can withstand abuse from many sources, eg., indoor sports, like basketball, or accidental contact from furniture.

By integrating Serenity Acoustic Panels or other products from the Sontext range, (eg, diffusers, bass traps, or wooden or timber acoustic panels), church hall acoustics can be improved significantly

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