Custom Made Serenity Panels by Sontext

Serenity Acoustic PanelWhen Acoustically treating a boardroom or a meeting room there may be limited spaces to apply a sound absorbing treatment. To reduce noise or reverberation in a meeting room you need to apply Fabric Covered acoustic panels to the walls or ceilings. Where this becomes difficult due to the amount of glass or a wall that may contain a video screen you may have to consider treating the back of the door. In the picture above you can see how custom or bespoke Serenity Acoustic panels have be tailored to suit the back of the door.

One of the key features of Serenity Fabric Acoustic panels is the fact they are fully Bespoke Acoustic Panelscustomised to suit the clients application. To fit Acoustic panels to walls that have a number of service points eg. power-points can be difficult, but with Serenity Acoustic Panels as seen in the picture a power-point can be integrated into the acoustic panel.

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