Noise Problem in BER Schools

Now that most of the Federal Government B.E.R. (Building Education Revolution) projects are almost complete many schools are discovering that classrooms or multipurpose halls are almost unusable due to poor acoustics. The reason usually is that not enough attention has been given to the many demanding uses forsuch venues – resulting in very reverberant or noisy spaces.

At Sontext we have had  a significant number of complaints involving new  school classrooms or halls because there is just too much noise and the students cannot hear the teachers clearly. The net result of this noise is that stress on teachers increases significantly and the students must learn in an uncomfortable environment.

We have worked with numerous school principals and acoustic consultants to develop a cost effective, decorative and quieter school environment. This has been achieved by installing Serenity  Fabric Acoustic Panels for walls and ceilings. As can be seen in the above picture Serenity Acoustic panels have been custom made to fit in with the existing building, these are available in a number of styles of fabrics and colours.

The addition of the Serenity L32 impact resistant membrane means that the Acoustic panels can be installed into gymnasiums or multipurpose  halls without the additional worry of the panels getting damaged. Serenity Acoustic Panels can take a lot of impact from basketballs to people bumping into them, the fabric wont stretch and you will not see indentations that you will get from Acoustic panels without an impact resistant membrane.

If you have recently taken possession of a BER School project and it is noisy, to get advise on possible alternatives please contact Sontext at

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