Tip#2 for Installing Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Panels by Sontext
Reduce stress in Office with Acoustic Panels

Sound Absorbing Panels, universally known as Acoustic Panels, are utilised around the world to minimise stress and discomfort caused by unwanted noise or reverberation in interior spaces. In many cases, treatment of this problem is seen as a necessity. For example, to ensure the best possible sound quality in concert halls and entertainment venues, or to ensure the ambience of an interior space is as expected by the occupants, such as in a library, boardroom or restaurant. Sometimes it is not possible to cover a sound-reflecting surface with sound absorbing panels at the noise source, so alternatives are necessary. Hard, polished interior surfaces are naturally good sound reflectors, but are also usually decorative interior features. Glass, for example, is one of modern architecture’s basic construction products. It provides the medium for airy, light-filled interior spaces. But large areas of glass are also an excellent sound reflector. For obvious reasons windows, office partitions and similar glass areas such as these aren’t available to be covered up.

The accompanying images show an alternative solution for minimising reverberation or reflected sound problems. The glass areas involved were primary sound reflectors - in one case, a mezzanine walkway, and the other, actual windows –. The solution was to install Sontext Serenity Acoustic Wall Panels installed on the wall surface opposite the sound-reflecting glass surfaces. The sound absorbing wall panels were positioned to capture the reflected sound in both cases.

Australian Acoustic Panel manufacturer, Sontext Pty Ltd, supplied Serenity Acoustic Wall Panels for both of these projects. Sontext supply Acoustic Panels around Australia, the Middle East and many other countries internationally.