Serenity Acoustic Panels installed as Door

Recently Sontext was approached by Jacaranda Industries, Melbourne with regards to finding a solution for one of their clients. This was a Music School that needed to improve sound in a large music room.  The issue was that many of the walls were being utilised for  other services such as white boards, video screens  etc.

In conjunction with the architect it was decided to use the acoustic panels as the doors. Serenity Acoustic panels were chosen due to the rigidity of panel, impact resistance and the fact that they could be custom made to suit the client’s needs.

Serenity Acoustic Panels installed as DoorsSerenity Acoustic Panels installed as DoorsSerenity Acoustic Panels

To create an environment where all music could be enhanced, for example drums to guitars, the back of the panels were perforated therefore utilising the airspace in the cupboards, see pictures above.

Serenity 25mm Wall Panels were manufactured with a perforated backing and fixed to the steel frame of the door, and covered with a breathable textile fabric. Utilising the airspace meant that a thinner panel 25mm could be used, an airspace behind and acoustic panel will absorb more low frequencies.

The fact that the acoustic panels could be custom made was important to suit a unique situation. Jacaranda Industries had manufactured the steel door frames and sent the measurements to Sontext enabling Sontext to custom manufacture the acoustic panels.

Sontext was chosen to produce the fabric covered acoustic panels because they manufacture the panels in their Australian factory. This means that Acoustic panels can be custom made to suit almost any application. Serenity acoustic fabric acoustic panels come in standard thicknesses  of 25mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm, meaning Sontext can improve sound in many applications.

In many rooms or applications, it is may not be possible to put an of the shelf standard acoustic panel on a wall, this may be for various reasons. That is why it is important to choose the correct Acoustic Panel manufacturer. Sontext manufacture all their acoustic panels in their Australian factory to suit customers needs and applications.

If you have a room or project that needs that professional hands on approach, please contact Sontext