Sontext Wood Panels in Function Room

Suspended Ceiling Panel of Wood

Sontext manufacture and sell Murano Acoustic Wood Panels as part of their Acoustic Panels Range. This project is a function room at an RSL Retirement village in Narrabeen, Sydney Australia. The project was designed by Hummel Architects  ( Dee Why) Sydney  and built by Zadro Constructions. Hummel Architect’s aim was to create a design feature as well to reduce the noise, they chose Murano SL56 Wood Veneer Ceiling Panels. (see

The panel are installed in bays of 4m x 4m and installed using a custom made suspension system. The client and the many users of the space have commented that they did not even know they were acoustic panels.

Noise in function rooms or Dining rooms can make it difficult for residents  or diners to hear properly, this can make people feel uncomfortable. If the room is being used for a meeting or conference, the unwanted noise can make it difficult for the speaker to be heard.

One method of fixing the noise problem while creating a decorative feature is to introduce Murano Decorative Timber acoustic ceiling panels. Together with acoustic insulation  the noise will be reduced significantly.

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Acoustic Timber panels reduce noise in function room
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Acoustic Timber panels reduce noise in function room
Installation of Murano Acoustic Timber Ceiling Panels at RSL Village in Narrabeen has created a quiet and usable space from a noisy unusable room.

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