Serenity Printed Panel in a Feature Wall

Feature Printed Panels
Printed Acoustic Panel for Museum Feature Wall

Serenity Printed Acoustic Panels have been used at the Melbourne Museum to create a feature wall as well as reduce unwanted noise in the reception area.

The Reception area is categorized by hard floors and ceiling surfaces and as a result there is a lot of echo which make it difficult for the receptionist to hear  callers over the phone. To solve this problem Serenity Printed acoustic panels were installed to the back wall of the reception area. To further enhance the wall an image of a dinosaur was printed over the wall incorporating over eight panels.

The result is a design feature which fits in with the design of the Museum but also reduced the noise considerably.

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Printed Acoustic Panels reduce Noise in Reception
Article Name
Printed Acoustic Panels reduce Noise in Reception
Serenity Printed with the image of a Dinosaur have been installed on the Reception wall of the Melbourne Museum to reduce noise and improve hearing for the reception staff.

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