wood-front-panel-before-240Sontext has updated the MURANOACOUSTICS website to include the latest available information on their range of Wood Acoustic Panels, at http://muranoacoustics.com.au


MURANO ACOUSTIC WOOD PANELS integrate the warm, natural appearance of timber with the latest manufacturing technology to produce a huge variety of grooved slotted and perforated panels for reverberation and sound quality control in most interior spaces.

Available panel finishes include natural timber veneers, hard wearing printed laminates and lacquer solid colours.

All Acoustic Wood Panels must be perforated to allow sound waves to pass through, and thus to provide sound absorption. The Murano Range provides numerous pattern options to achieve this – including specialty lines such as microperforations and grooved panels. All Murano Wood panels have been laboratory tested, so that the sound absorption performance for any pattern is predictable.

The baseboard core of all Murano Wood Acoustic Panels consists of E1 Grade MDF (low formaldehyde). E0 Grade or Coloured Core MDF can be supplied on request subject to order quantities. Fire rated MDF Group 1 and Class A available also available.

For more information on available decorative finishes and perforation patterns, please visit the updated Murano website at http://muranoacoustics.com.au


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