Reduce Noise with Acoustic Panels

Reduce Noise

Serenity Acoustic Ceiling Panels are designed to provide a quiet, visually pleasing environment for interior spaces that may be otherwise difficult to utilize fully for the following reasons:
1. Background noise or reflected sound levels may be unacceptably high, or
2. Reverberation is causing speech, music, etc, to be hard to hear clearly or the sound is distorted – possibly for both the performers and audience.
Serenity acoustic panels may be installed over most existing hard wall or ceiling surfaces such as brick, concrete, or plaster. They work by soaking up sound that is usually reflected therefore creating echo (or reverberation). These ‘echoes’ can cause direct sounds to be distorted, thus reducing sound quality in an interior space.

Acoustic Panels reduce noise

Serenity Acoustic Panels can be easily installed in noisy public spaces like halls, sports venues, shopping centers, building foyers, etc. In these areas they will reduce  noise, providing a more comfortable environment for occupants and therefore reduce noise. Serenity Acoustic Panels are particularly effective in teaching venues like classrooms and lecture theaters, improving speech intelligibility for listeners, and ensuring less stress for teachers and presenters.
Entertainments venues like restaurants and clubs also benefit from utilizing Serenity Acoustic Panels on wall or ceilings, where the result is a more ‘intimate’ environment for occupants and clearer, high quality sound reproduction for music and performance.

reduce noise with Serenity Acoustic Panels
Fabric Covered Acoustic Panels

Fabric Finish enhances interior decor
Serenity Acoustic Panels not only function as efficient sound absorbers, but they can be finished in any of the most up to date screen fabrics, guaranteeing they enhance style and décor of any interior space. Sontext can advise or assist you to choose a fabric facing for your project. Please fill in the inquiry form  to learn more about Sontext Serenity Acoustic Panels serenity acoustic panels. Sontext Panels are available in a number of thicknesses and facings which all alter the solution provided.