Australian Acoustic Panels

Australian Acoustic panels by Sontext

Australian Acoustic Panels by Sontext

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Fabric Acoustic Ceiling PanelSontext have been selling Acoustic panels to the Australian market since 2001 and  since then have become the major Australian  Acoustic panels supplier. Sontext offices cover all the major cities in Australia with  a Showroom in Melbourne and  an office in Sydney.

Sontext sell the full range of Acoustic Panels, Fabric Acoustic Panels, Acoustic Wood Panels and Sonofonic Clouds and Baffles.

Acoustic Panels Showroom

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In 2010 Sontext opened its showroom in Melbourne which is very close the Melbourne International Airport, which makes it easy for clients that are travelling through Melbourne  to come and see the full range of products on display. Sontext are very proud to be a Manufacturer of Australian Acoustic Panels.

As well as having a full display of our acoustic  panels we have a full range of samples available on request.


Recently completed projects eg. Serenity Fabric Acoustic Panels -Mount Lawley Sec College and John Septimus Roe School. For sales inquiries please Contact Us 0428 100 300 Email WA Sales


Recent projects include Serenity Fabric Acoustic Panels - Old South Australian Parliament,  Murano Acoustic Panel Mayfair Hotel Adelaide For sales Inquiries please call on 0428 100 300 or SA Sales


Recent Projects include the new Gold Coast Hospital with Serenity Acoustic Panels. For sales Inquiries please call +61 (0)2 9844 5414 or QLD sales


Sontext have been selling Australian Acoustic Panels in NSW for over 14 years and have a sales office based in Sydney. We have completed many projects all over NSW including recently completed UTS in Serenity Fabric Acoustic Panels. For further information please call our Sydney office on +61 (0)2 9844 5414 or email  NSW SALES.


Established in Melbourne as a family company by Managing Director Gerald Hynes, Sontext have become a leader in the field of Australian Acoustic Panels through product development on Fabric Acoustic Panels and Acoustic Timber Panels. With  our showroom and factory in Campbellfield customers have an excellent opportunity to see the products on display. For further information please call +61 (0)3 94322733 or email us on VIC Sales

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