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  • Church Hall Acoustics

    Many Church Halls are used as multipurpose venues where sound quality is an important attribute.  Refurbishing an old, reverberant Church Hall so it can be used for a wide variety of  activities can be demanding. On weekends, hall uses may include music performances, church services or presentations using a public address system. During the week the same hall may be […]

  • Custom Made Serenity Panels by Sontext

    When Acoustically treating a boardroom or a meeting room there may be limited spaces to apply a sound absorbing treatment. To reduce noise or reverberation in a meeting room you need to apply Fabric Covered acoustic panels to the walls or ceilings. Where this becomes difficult due to the amount of glass or a wall […]

  • Serenity Panels in Kuwait School

    Recently Serenity Acoustic Panels by Sontext were installed in the Sada Hearing Rehabilitation Centre in Kuwait. The Acoustic Wall Panels were installed by The  Fit-out Division, ANCC of Kuwait. The panels were designed in association with Ms Dena Al Nashie a local Acoustic Engineer. The Serenity Acoustic Panels were installed in corridors to reduce the noise […]

  • Sontext Panels In Studio

        By introducing Acoustic Panels into a Sound Studio  or rehearsal room not only do you remove unwanted echo or reverberation but you can improve the sound quality significantly. In this project Newcastle University (designed by Acoustic Studios of Sydney) the panels vary in size thickness, and  in structure to enhance the performance of […]

  • Sontext Art Panels in High Resolution

      Serenity  ArtPanels are fabric-faced acoustic panels overprinted with a high resolution image. Sontext understands how important it is to choose a fabric (either gloss or matt) and a printing process that will not compromise the sound absorbing qualities of ARTPanels. Sontext works with printing professional Jan Booth, who has many years experience and is a leading industry expert in this field. The result, […]

  • Acoustic Wood Panels, Really Green – Sontext

    Leed Certified and FSC Acoustic Wood Panels Murano Acoustic Wood Panels are more than just a Wood panel with holes in it that has some acoustic performance. Recently Ecospecifier reviewed Murano Acoustic Wood/Timber Panels and have rated them against LEED, Green Star and other environmental criteria and the results are amazing. The basic substrate which […]

  • Painted Timber Panels

    Murano Acoustic Timber Panels were installed in the recent refurbishment of the offices of Sydney Port Authority, NSW, Australia. The product installed was Murano PL916 Acoustic wall panel which is perforated and finished in white 2 PAC paint finish. The panel includes 50mm thick acoustic insulation to improve the acoustic performance and reduce noise or […]

  • Panels in an Auditorium

    Serenity Acoustic Panels have been installed in the School Auditorium at Suzanne Cory High School in Werribee Victoria. Designed by Brand Architects the Acoustic Panels were specifically designed to acoustically treat the space by eliminating unwanted reverberation. The upper panels are in a painted finish and the lower panels are covered in Fabric. For more […]