Serenity Acoustic ARTPanels

Serenity Acoustic Artpanels are available with printed images.

Printed Image Acosustic ArtPanels
For Home Cinema or Hifi room

One of the problems facing people with noisy rooms or Home Theaters is the sound quality. Traditionally this can be fixed by adding Fabric Covered Acoustic ARTPanels.  As a result of the latest innovations in digital printing  high quality images are now possible on fabrics. The quality of the image means that no longer do Home Cinema owners  need to have plain coloured Acoustic Panels.

Acoustic Artpanels add to the decor of a room. You can create a specific  visual appeal, without compromising sound absorption performance. Serenity Acoustic panels can have almost any image printed to the fabric face before the panel is manufactured.

Acoustic  Artpanels for Home Theatres.

Using Acoustic Artpanels in home cinema or home theatre helps improve the sound quality of the sound system. The important thing to think about is the position of the Acoustic Panels. The first place to install the Acoustic Wall Panels is the side walls, this will take care of the first reflection. However you need to also consider the corners as this is where a lot of distortion of the bass occurs.  Using Ceiling panels will also eliminate the sound that bounces from the floor to the ceiling.

By adding acoustic Artpanels to your home theatre walls you can improve the performance of your HIFI sound system. This is done by controlling reflected sound and reverberation. Sontext can provide a package that includes Acoustic Ceiling Panels, Acoustic Wall Panels, or Bass Traps.  Serenity Acoustic Panels include the impact resistant L32  membrane, providing a durable panel with a 7 year warranty.

Acoustic Artpanels
Your favorite image can be printed onto ArtPanels

Bespoke Printed Acoustic Artpanels

Acoustic Artpanels can be used in music rooms, performance spaces, etc, rather than having  plain  colour fabric panels you can select an image from our library or provide your own image. Artpanels  are basically there to improve the sound quality, but allow you to create a your own design and room.


Your own image or downloaded images

Images need to be of high resolution so that the quality of the printing is not effected. This can be done by sending the images to the Sontext office for approval. The other option is to  download images from the Internet. A wide variety of images can be downloaded from Dreamstime.

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Acoustic Artpanels that absorb sound and have a beautiful picture
Article Name
Acoustic Artpanels that absorb sound and have a beautiful picture
Serenity Acoustic Artpanels are custom made acoustic panels that are made in the first instance to get rid of noise. They are also pieces of Art printed from Custom designed prints or your favorite movie picture.

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