Timber Panels

Veneer Murano ACoustic Timber PanelsMurano Acoustic Timber Panels are an important part of the Sontext range of Acoustic Products. The great thing about Murano Acoustic Panels is the choice that the designer has in choosing a finish and Pattern.

Murano Timber acoustic panels are available  in Decorative Timber finish, Paint, Natural Wood Veneer and the new UV finished Wood veneers.

Choosing a Veneer finish can be difficult as there are many variations and species available, Sontext have  worked with leading Veneer companies to develop a standard range that will give consistency, stock colours but also the latest in Interior design trends.

Murano Acoustic Wood Panels are available in a wide number of perforated or slotted patterns to ensure a range of acoustic performances are available. The size of the hole or the slot can have a significant effect on the acoustic treatment of the room. As part of the services offered by Sontext we have a design service that will prepare Workshop drawings for your project ensuring the look and  feel of the design are maintained through to construction.

For further information on Murano Acoustic Wood Panels see www.muranoacoustics.com.au or contact us at sales@sontext.com.au.

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